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Packing Tips to Live By

Packing has not always been my strong suite. Ok. If we're being honest, I have always prettty much stunk at it. But after some embarrasing faux pas (including one particularly awful time when all of my "unmentionables" packed for a romantic getaway first fell out and covered the floor at the baggage check at the airport, and then again in the lobby of our hotel), I have learned a few key lessons on packing the right way.

Follow TSA Guidelines- Failure to do so will lead to all of your brand new lotions and shampoos being tossed in the trash. And in case you didn't think of it, that means that the rest of your bag will be open for all eyes to see what else is in there! 3 ounce bottles in a one quart clear bag for carry ons. Or you can just check your bag and keep your pampering potions in full size bottles! But if you do check your bag, make sure the monster is under the 50 lb weight limit. Over weight bags will bring on a hefty fine (been there, done that).

Plan ahead!- Now this is a tough one. As a long time procastinator, I usually end up trying to throw things together at the last minute! Here are some things to think about ahead of time, to keep your packing under control:

Choose staples- I know its vacation, and its fun to have lots of clothing options, but if you have never put on that short sequined dress at home, you probably won't on vacation! Same for those fuschia heels!

Choose a color scheme- Not that you can't have some fun shirts or dresses, but try to plan it so you only need a few pairs of shoes, instead of one pair for each outfit. Shoes are heavy and bulky!!

Choose multi-use outfits- Dresses that can go from day to night, tanks that can be used in a number of ways, etc.

Use accessories to liven up your basics- Scarves, belts, and jewelry take up very little space but can transition your black tshirt from day to night with no trouble at all!

Leave out the easy to wrinkle clothes- I think this speaks for itself. And let's be serious... If you are on your trip and you have a plain white T that is not wrinkled and that really cute silk blouse that needs ironing, which are you going to choose?? Seriously. Tshirt wins every time.

Roll most of your clothes instead of folding- When dealing with something that is easily wrinkled, go ahead and fold it and wrap in a plastic bag or tissue paper. You can also roll these items in tissue paper, and that works well to keep the wrinkles out. Rolling will save tons of space over folding!

When placing the items in your bag- Put heavy items like shoes and jeans near the wheels (so your bag doesn't keep toppling over), pack jewelry and other small items in socks and stuff them in your shoes to keep them safe from bends, breaks, and loss, pack all your liquids in ziplocks to keep your shampoo from exploding all over your carefully packed wardrobe!

After you've got everything packed- Review what you have, and try to take out at least 3 items... You'll need that space for souvenirs!!

Now that you're nicely packed, have a great trip!! A must have packing list will follow soon!!

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