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Paradise Island has become a very popular vacation spot, and for good reason! Easy to get to, Nassau (which connects to Paradise Island by bridge) is only a few hundred miles off the coast of Florida, with multiple nonstop flight options from many US cities. The crytal blue Caribbean Sea serves as the backdrop for white sand, sunshine, and uninhibited pleasure. There are many hotel options, from budget to high end luxury resorts and suites. And there is, of course, a little place called Atlantis.

Now this place is a playground for children and adults of all ages!! Looking forward to a nice, relaxing vacation, my husband and I left our 16 month old and 3 year old at home with family, and visited the enormous resort in May of 2013. As soon as we stepped on site, our plans for relaxation were basically thrown out the window, and we magically reverted back to being children ourselves!! Waterslides, the "not-so-lazy" river (as we called it) full of rapids and waves, unbelievable aquariums and marine life at every turn. And the world class casino helped us to keep up that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling late into the night!! Oh yeah, and then there were the beaches...

The only set back for many people visiting Paradise Island is the cost of everything. Food and drink can be inflated on the happy little island, but there are a few tips for spending less money. For one, there is a small market across from Atlantis, where you can buy your bottled water, sodas, and even some snacks. Keeping that in mind, the further you venture away from Atlantis, the less expensive you will find the restaurants. The small places right outside on the marina are still a little pricey, but if you walk across the street, you can find pizza and beer at a reasonable price (I think we spent about $50 for 2 beers each and a pizza... not too bad).

BUT if you have on your walking shoes, and are looking for some authentic Bahamian food at very good prices, walk back across the bridge towards Nassau, and grab lunch or dinner at one of the Potter's Cay Fish Shacks. They are just what they sound like, shacks, located right over the bay, serving up genuine Bahamian fare prepared fresh when you order it. Twin Brothers is a favorite, and where we are the first night. The food was AMAZING!!! Some of the best Caribbean fare I've had! The conch salad was cut up fresh for us right when we ordered it and the conch chowder was delicious! Unfortunately, they were out of lobster, but the fish we ordered was still divine! And the prices were right! Ice cold beer for $2, daquiries for $3, and food that went far above the price!! Warning- if sanitation scores are your priority, Potter's Cay may not be the place for you. But if good food, good prices, and friendly locals are your idea of a perfect dinner, this is your place!!!

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